Rising Damp in Your Roofing and Other Areas of Your Home – Are These a Reason for Concern?

Many homes and building owners find rising damp to be a significant reason for concern. Primarily as it constitutes a high percentage of humidity issues present in either your roofing or walling areas.

Should it be left alone, it can be the reason for extensive structural damages that would significantly reduce the value and life span of a home or office. It is a well-known fact that various health risks arise because of wall or roof moisture.

Tired of Musty and Damp Smells in Your Home?

What if your roofing specialist has the solution by offering to install a mounting damp system that will eradicate rising damp from any home that is made of stone, brick, or other porous building materials to the extent that it will keep the building dry for the long term?

No, we are talking about eliminating the need for worries about damp issues. Your local roofer will install such a system with relative ease as it only takes a couple of hours, depending on how big or small your structure is.

No cutting or construction work is needed. The thing is with these systems you get to reverse the polarity of any water molecules present in the roof or walls of your abode. What it will do is to disperse the water right back into the ground where it came from. You are looking at the type of equipment that does not utilize batteries or electricity, which makes it eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Due to no moving parts involved, it is said to work for years to come. During this time, your building will remain damp-free.

Flooding is one of the most traditional types of natural disasters that plague homeowners.  It may be due to storms, heavy rains, or tidal waves from an earthquake in the sea. Where the accumulation of water is less, homeowners might be able to prevent their furniture and property from getting damaged because of water.

Once a flood damages your home, you need to do everything in your power to clean and mend the affected parts. In most cases, the areas affected by water damage are the same – the roof, basement, walls, furniture, floors, and appliances.

The mere sight of your home that is soaked and damaged by water can prove to be very heartbreaking and leave one shaken.

Water found in areas where you least expect it to be can cause a lot of damage. Not only will it ruin your most prized possessions, but also the home where you stored it in. By acting quickly and hiring water damage repair companies, you would minimize the costs and possibly save some of the possessions. It all depends on how long the water has been around. You may be able to save and restore some pieces of furniture, and even your carpets. However, any electronic affected are doomed.

Do not treat the matter lightly, even in cases where you basement only has an inch of water in it. Just a little dampness can be the perfect breeding ground of mold formation. Mold is not something that you just find on walls, but also in furniture, flooring, carpeting, and so forth.

Needless to say, the presence of mold can lead to poor indoor quality that may result in all sorts of respiratory problems like asthma.

Get a Couple of Estimates from Expert Roofing Companies Who Treat Damp

Prices often vary from one company to the next. Before choosing a roofing contractor who specializes in treating damp issues, ensure you obtain estimates from three service providers, so you’ll have a better idea of the going rate and the scope of the job. The contractors need to visit your premises and take a look at the work they’ll be doing. Also, they need to provide you with an itemized list, detailing what the estimate would cover.

You may come across a quotation that is way cheaper than any of the others. View it as a red flag as worthy mold cleanup companies won’t be in business for long if their rates are too low. While they may be able to perform cut-rate work, one should never cut corners when dealing with mold removal. Also, be wary of contractors who oversell themselves by piling additional tasks into the estimate they give you.

Check customer reviews as the contractor won’t be telling you that they had to deal with a few disgruntled customers along the way. Read as many reviews as possible where other customers give their honest opinion. Some individuals are hard to please no matter what. So, do not be discouraged by one single bad review as this is normal. However, if you detect a common thread, it will serve as a good indication that you need to look elsewhere.

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